Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fixing Sharepoint 2010 List Threshold Issue

One of the major reasons that Sharepoint 2010 came up with the LVT (List View Threshold) feature was to improve the performance of Sharepoint. In MOSS 2007, there was no way to restrict the number of items in a list .Though Microsoft had recommended a maximum of 2000 for better performance, I don’t think that anybody would have taken it seriously.
In Sharepoint 2010, they have come up with a solution for this by making this a web application level change from Central administration. By default the value is set to 5000.
At the same time we need to make sure that the users don’t have a difficult time when their Sharepoint site is migrated to Sharepoint 2010.Here is how to change this.

1.  Browse to Central Administration

2.  Application Management -> Manage Web Applications

3.  Select the Web application for which you want to change the LVT.

4.  On the ribbon at the top, click General Settings -> Resource Throttling.

5.  A new pop up window comes up.Change the LVT to a different value and press OK.

This is how you change it. But let us be responsible Farm Administrators.
Make sure that the number is a reasonable one. If the number is on a higher side it will take a toll on your farm performance. Educate your Sharepoint users to create views, so that they can have different views of the list.

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