Friday, November 9, 2012

Sharepoint Zone Implementation

To implement Sharepoint Zones, we need to extend an existing web application.

1) Browse to Central Administration -> Manage Web Applications.

2) Now select the web application where you want to implement a different zone click on Extend on the ribbon.In our case I am selecting the web application on port 1000(the screenshot shows port 80,ignore it)

3) Enter the values for your new extended web application. Select a zone for your web application.

4) The zones available for a default web application are shown below.

5) In our case, I am clicking Intranet and click OK.

6) Now Browse to Central Administration -> Configure Alternate Access Mappings.

 7) You get to see that your Web application is created in a new zone (Intranet).From now on, you would be able to access your site collections from both ports 1000 and 1001.(Alternate Access Mappings)

8) Go to the IIS manager now You will see a new IIS website created for your extended web application (in the new zone).

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