Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sharepoint Welcome Page Option Missing

In Sharepoint, by default you have the Home.aspx as the default welcome page. But you do have an option to create a new page and set that as your default welcome page.

At times you would notice that this option is missing.This is probably because your Publishing feature for your site is not activated.

Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Manage Site features -> SharePoint Server Publishing    -> Activate.

Now browse back to Site Settings page. You should see the Welcome page link.

You can choose you custom Welcome page now. J

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Upload Size Limit - IIS7 and Windows Server2008

In Sharepoint 2010, though you increase the file upload limits from Central Administration (to more than 50 MB), you wouldn’t be able to upload files more than 28MB. You would get an error whenever you try to upload a file of size greater than 28MB.It is the default IIS configurations that is giving these errors. When you are running Windows SharePoint Services on a Windows Server 2008-based computer that has IIS 7.0, you would not be able to upload files that are larger than 28MB even though you have configured the large file upload settings.
We will have to manually change some values in IIS to fix this issue.

By default these are the values for upload limit in
SharePoint Server 2010: 50 MB
IIS 7: 30 MB

Follow the below steps to fix this issue:

1) Increase the SharePoint Item Upload Limit from Central Administration

Browse to Central Administration -> Manage Web Applications ->Select web application -> General Settings -> Change the Maximum upload size -> Click OK

2) Increase the IIS 7 request limits

Navigate to IIS Manager -> Select the local host -> Choose Request Filtering -> Edit Feature Settings -> Change the value for Maximum allowed content length(Bytes)

3) Increase the IIS7 connection timeout length (optional)

If you need to upload large files, there are chances that the connection times out depending on your internet speed. If you want, you can increase the connection timeout to a larger value. The standard is 120 seconds. If you have users with low speed internet connections, increase this value.

Navigate to IIS Manager -> Select the Web Application -> Manage Web Site -> Advanced Settings ->Expand Connection Limits ->Change Connection Time-out (seconds)