Monday, October 29, 2012

Metadata Mapping in SharePoint 2010

I have already published a post on how to create a custom search scope. 

Now I am going to create managed metadata properties that are mapped to the columns in my list.
A full crawl is already done after the search scope was created. So I am not repeating that again.

1. From the Central Administration, Application Management page click on Manage Service Applications

2. Click on Search Service Application or select it then click manage from the ribbon bar.

3. Click Metadata Properties. Then click new managed property.

4. Enter the property name as CustomManagedMetadataProperty1. In the use in scope section check the Allow this property to be used in scopes option and then click on the Add Mapping button to add the mapping between the new managed metadata and custom site column (Column1).

 5. On clicking on add mapping the following screen will pop up. Use the find button to look for the Column1 property (custom site column), select it, and then click OK. 

6. Repeat Step 4 & Step5 to add one more managed metadata property named CustomManagedMetadataProperty2 for the site column Column2.

Now we have successfully created new managed metadata properties (CustomManagedMetadataProperty1 and CustomManagedMetadataProperty2) that are mapped to the custom site columns (Column1 and Column2) where the search needs to be performed.

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