Friday, October 5, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Site Templates - How To's

How to save a site as a template

1. Go to Site Actions, select Site Settings.

2. Below Site Actions, you should see Save Site as Template. But sometimes it may not be there. You may see something like this(as below) instead.

3. If Save Site as Template is missing, it is either you dont have sufficient permissions (in which case you need to talk to your site administrator). But if you are the administrator, and still Save Site as Template is missing, the problem is that you need to turn off the site’s publishing features.

(Note: if you are working with a sub site, the parent site will not be affected by this.)

Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Manage site features (Site Actions)
Click Deactivate for SharePoint Server Publishing

4. Once again, browse to Site Actions -> Site Settings. Click on Save Site as Template

5. Put in the file name and click OK

How to delete a custom site template

1. Browse to Site Actions -> Site Settings.Go to Top level site settings (under Site Collection Administration)

2. At the site collection level, click on Solutions (under Galleries)

3. Select the site template and Deactivate

4. Click Deactivate and click Close

5. Once the template is Deactivated, Delete the template

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