Thursday, October 18, 2012

Content database exclusively for one site collection from Central Administration

There are times when we would want to create a content database exclusively for one site collection.
I learnt a work around from one of my seniors (Manish Chopra) long time back(between 2007-2008) while I was working for Honeywell

1)Browse to Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage content databases

2) Add a new content database for your web application.

3)So now you have 2 content database for your web application.

4)Now change the database capacity settings for your web applications other content database .

P.S. The database capacity setting values must be greater than the number of existing sites in the database, and warning site count must be less than the maximum site count.

5) Create a new site collection.This would be created in the new content database [WSS_Content_1000_additional]

6)Now repeat step 4 for your new content database[WSS_Content_1000_additional].Revert back the settings to default for the old content database[WSS_Content_1000].

7) You are all set now.All new site collections would be created in your old content database[WSS_Content_1000].And the newly created content database [WSS_Content_1000_additional] would be exclusve for the site colelction you created in step 5.

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