Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to create a custom Search Scope at a Site Collection Level

1) Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings
(Our site collection URL is http://servername/SitePages/Home.aspx)

2) Site Collection Administration -> Search Scopes

3) New Scope

4) Enter the title and description of your new scope. Select the Search Dropdown (this will display the new scope in the Search dropdown)

5) The new scope is created (fahad)

6) I am adding a rule for this scope. I am entering a custom list name in the site to be searched. Click OK.

7) You will have to wait for ( 15 minutes in this case) for the scope to be updated

8) Meanwhile , I did a full crawl from Central Administration Search Administration.

(Refer to my post below :

9) After this, create a basic search center below the site collection level. (http://servername/SearchCenter/default.aspx)

10) Now browse to Site Action -> Site Settings ->Site Collection Administration ->Search Settings

11) Make the changes as shown below. Click OK

12) Browse to the home page of the site now.

13) Pull down the Search drop down. The new custom Search scope (fahad) is displayed now.Perform the search.Voila :-)

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