Monday, October 14, 2013

Error upgrading Sharepoint 2010 Standard License to Enterprise License

I was working with SharePoint 2010 Standalone version and trying to upgrade the license of SharePoint 2010 from Standard to Enterprise from Central Administration GUI. .I followed the steps here to do the upgrade from Central Administration.

This was giving me the below error

An error occurred while enabling Enterprise features. Refer to the event logs on your server machines for more details. For more information on how to fix this error, refer to help.
Click OK to return to the SharePoint Central Administration Operations page.

1. Open command prompt. Browse to “C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\14\bin”. Run the below command [It takes a while to finish running this command]

PSCONFIG.EXE -cmd services -install -cmd installfeatures
2. Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell. Run as administrator. Run the below command

Set-SPFarmConfig -InstalledProductsRefresh

3. Now browse to Central Administration -> Upgrade and Migration -> Enable Enterprise Features -> Choose Enterprise.

4. Next enable Enterprise features on all existing web applications and site collection.

You will get the below message:
SharePoint Server Enterprise Features are now being enabled on each site in your SharePoint installation. The operation will take some time to complete. The page will be periodically updated with current status. Processing will continue even if you close the page.

On completion:
Sharepoint Server Enterprise Features are now available on all sites in your SharePoint installation

5. Now browse to Central Administration -> Upgrade and Migration -> Convert farm license type.

It will show that the license has changed to Enterprise. Reference


  1. I was having same problem, i followed steps and It worked for me as well.
    I fixed it in SharePoint 2013 so looked for "15\bin".

    Thanks Fahad.