Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SharePoint Distributed Cache

SharePoint 2013 introduces a new concept called Distributed Cache. The Distributed Cache service, which is built on Windows Server AppFabric Cache, is set to run in a collocated mode on all SharePoint 2013 Servers by default, using up to 10% of the server's total physical memory. It’s essential for maintaining the large amounts of information on your SharePoint Server, ensuring that the information is fresh and readily available for the end user.

The Distributed Cache service provides caching functionality to features (not to be
confused with site features) in SharePoint Server 2013. The Distributed Cache service is either required by or improves performance of the following features:
  • Authentication
  • Newsfeeds
  • OneNote client access
  • Security Trimming
  • Page load performance
Caching functionalities, provided by the Distributed Cache service, enable the SharePoint features listed above to quickly retrieve data without any dependency on databases stored in SQL Server, as everything is stored in memory.

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