Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Invalid WorkflowInstanceID parameter in URL

When an end user clicked on an View the workflow history from an older email send as a part of a SharePoint Workflow approval, the user got the below error message.

This error might be encountered for the item(s) whose workflow completed and initiated long back.
This is because of AutoCleanupDays property of Workflow. By default, the value is set to 60 days. After 60 days, if the workflow status is complete and initiated 60 days before, this workflow instance will be deleted. 
To delete all these old workflow instances, SharePoint runs a timer job named "Workflow Auto cleanup".

This deletion after 60 days is a default setting and is setup like that to avoid site performance issues

To retain these workflow instances

Browse to Central Administration -> Operations -> Timer Job definitions -> Disable Workflow Auto Cleanup task.

P.S.: Please note that this is not a Microsoft best practice to disable this timer job.

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