Friday, April 20, 2012

Configuring Outgoing Email in SharePoint 2010 using Gmail

  Last week I had to do something interesting. To send emails from a Sharepoint farm in a Cloud environment.I have sent mails from Sharepoint through Microsoft Exchange server.But this was a new thing for me.The difference here was I didnt have exchange server.I had to configure SMTP server instead and use a gmail account for this. I learned one more new thing in Sharepoint.

To begin with we will configure SMTP server in Windows Server 2008  to forward email to Gmail server which will send ouy the actual email.

Configuring SMTP Server

1) Go to Control Panel, click on Turn Windows features on or off, go to Features, click Add Features, select SMTP Server from the list, click Add Required Role Services, click Next -> click Install.  

2) Open Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager under Administrative Tools, expand the node with your local computer name on it, right click on SMTP Virtual Server, right click on Properties

On the Access tab, click on Relay, select All except the list below and click OK

  • On the Delivery tab, click on Outbound Security, on the new window that opens select Basic Authentication and type your Gmail id and password in the Username and Password fields, and also select TLS encryption

    Click Apply, click OK

    Configuring Gmail
    1) Make sure POP is enabled for your Gmail account (Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP).

    Configuring Central Administration

    1) Open SharePoint Central Administration, go to System Settings, go to Configure outgoing e-mail settings.

    2) Type your computer name in the field Outbound SMTP server

    3) Type your Gmail email address in field From address and Reply-To Address

    4)Click OK

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