Monday, March 14, 2016

SharePoint 2013 Query Suggestions

Query suggestions are phrases that you want the search system to suggest to users as they start typing a query. For example, as you start to type "Chicago", they may be able to pick  a word that starts with "Chicago" from a list below the Search Box.

The Query Suggestion feature needs to be enabled at the Service Application level to be activated.Once this is done there are 2 ways to implement query suggestion.

1. Manually upload the query suggestion list into SharePoint.

2. The search system automatically creates suggestions for a query when users have clicked one or more of the results for that query at least six times.

Manually uploading the query suggestion

1. Browse to Central Administration -> Service Applications -> Search Service Application.

2. Go to Queries and Results -> Query Suggestions

3. Select Show Query Suggestions

4. In Always suggest phrases -> Import from text file

5. Browse to Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Review job definitions -> Prepare query suggestions -> Run Now

6. In this example, I start typing for the word “Chicago, all words starting with Chicago is automatically picked up.

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