Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to move SharePoint list items from one list to another

If we have a list which is growing more than what was planned, it is always a good idea to split the list for performance improvement and for ease of use. There are multiple ways of doing this. Below is a simple way to do this.
For this exercise I have created 2 lists list1 and list2.My goal is to move all items from list2 to list1

1) Browse to Site Actions -> Manage Content and Structure

2) Alternatively, you can browse to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Administration -> Content and structure

3) You are taken to the Site Content and Structure page.

4) Choose the items you want to move from list2 -> Actions -> Move

5) A pop up appears listing the destination. Choose list1

6) The move operation starts

7) list1 is populated with all items from list2.

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