Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Implementing Managed Metadata in a Sharepoint List

This is a continuation from Creating Managed Metadata Group, Term Set and Terms. In this post I will be using the Term Set created in the previous post in a Sharepoint List.

1) To begin with, I am creating a new Sharepoint list. (MMD Sample List

2) The next step would be to create a new column. Browse to List Settings-> Create column

3) I am giving the Column Name as MMD Column and the type of the column as Managed Metadata.

4) In the Term Set Settings, select numbers (Term Set) from the MMDGroup1 (Group) by clicking on ManagedMetadata-F (Managed Metadata Service Application).

5) Click OK. Now browse to the list and create a new item

6) Enter the details. You would see that you are given suggestions for the MMD Column.

7) Alternatively, try clicking on the tag symbol for that column.

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